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From PS1 to PS4 – The PlayStation Controller Evolved

The PlayStation controller was once a thing of awe.  I remember the PS1 coming out and getting my grubby mitts on the premium feel of the PS1 controller.  The Nintendo controllers always seemed a bit toy-like in comparison, whereas the PS1 controller felt like a serious piece of kit aimed at the serious gamer.  I saw it and knew my Hadoukens would be awesome.  Since getting older though, I no longer find the PlayStation controllers comfortable.  In fact, it was since the Xbox released their first controller, which although was a little big, I found far more comfortable over long periods of time using it, and unlike the PS controllers, I didn’t end up with what I like to call ‘Zoidberg hands’ at the end of a long stint.

The latest gamepad from the PS4, the Dualshock 4, features touch sensitive technology, and for the first time, the sticks have concave ends!  Hopefully this means no more fingers slipping off the control sticks in frantic battles or when my hands get a bit sweaty!  I think this will probably reduce the hand cramp after long sessions noticeably, but we will have to see!  For now, check out the evolution of the PlayStation controller.

The Evolution of the PlayStation Controller

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