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Travel Photography Kit

Although it sounds really exciting, being a travel photographer can be quite a challenging job. Very often you tend to forget something which may cost you a series of good shots. That is why it is important to be predictive with your photography and prepare a list of the most necessary things, which you have to put in your photographer kit. Some of them are pretty obvious; others we hardly ever think of, but they are all very important and useful. So here is our short list.


This is the first important thing that you should put in your kit. Especially if you have planned to make a lot of pictures, you must predict that your battery will need to be charged often. Otherwise you will just miss your chance to make the most of your vacation.

Memory cards or flash drives

Nowadays these two things are must-haves even if you are not on the road. They are offered in a huge variety of models and capacities and you can easily pick up the ones that are the most suitable for you. Why are they so important? As you know, your camera have a limited capacity. With a certain number of pictures, you can easily fill it and the rest of your vacation will be in vain. That is why you should have at least one extra flash drive and a memory card, where you can transfer your photographs.

A camera bag

Most of the cameras these days go with such bags. However, if you don’t own one, you should definitely buy before you go. It protects your camera not only from breaking (in case you drop it) but also from humidity and other weather conditions, which may do some serious damage.

Plastic bags

Although these bags are not the best Eco-solution, they are your only possible option in bad weather. Even if you have bought a camera bag, if it starts raining, the water will easily penetrate it and reach to your camera and other photography equipment.  That’s an expensive mistake most photographers only make once!

USB battery pack

Very often, when we go on a holiday, we choose some isolated place where we can relax and enjoy the magic of Nature. This is really great and make us forget all about daily problems and stress. However, in such cases, we do not usually have the opportunity to use an electrical outlet. This is exactly where this small device gets in use. It connects your mobile devices to a little battery pack that charges them.

Mobile Devices

This is another very important part of your photographer kit. While charging your camera, you will need to have a plan ‘B’. After all, you don’t want to miss your chance for a really good series of pictures, right. In such cases, you can use either your smartphone, or your tablet. Most of these wonders of modern technology can make pictures of really high quality. Also, they give you the opportunity to share some of your best shots with friends, making them a part of your adventure excitement.

Author Bio: Connie Jameson is passionate freelancer blogger and avid photographer. She understands the difficulties and complexities of travel photography for her role at http://www.cleantoperfection.co.uk/deep-cleaning-sw1-belgravia/. In her spare time she loves to take long walks with her camera.


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